What is Wallets Africa?

What can I do with my Wallets account?

How much does a Wallets subscription cost?

How much do you charge for transfers?

How do I create an account?

Can I use Wallets on my laptop?

What is my Wallets account number?

Do I need to verify my account?

What counts as a valid ID?

I am not getting my OTP

My card was debited but my account was not funded

Is my money safe with Wallets?

Does Wallets have a minimum age requirement?

How much does it cost to fund my Wallets account?

How do I send funds to another Wallets user?

What is my transaction PIN?

How do I change my Wallets password?

I forgot my password…help!

How do I create a virtual dollar card?

Can I use my dollar card to pay for social media ads?

Are other currencies supported?

Can someone pay money into my dollar card?

Is there a maximum balance on my dollar card?

How much can I fund my dollar card with?

How does the dollar card work?

Can the dollar card be used for any kind of transaction?

Is my dollar card a Visa or MasterCard?

Is there a minimum balance on the dollar card?

Is it free to create a dollar card?

Does my card come with a billing address?

What phone number should I use for my dollar card?

Can the balance in my dollar card be withdrawn?

Do my dollar card transactions attract any charge?

Can I use my dollar card to shop locally?

What happens to the unused funds in my card?

What happens when I freeze my card?

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