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What is Wallets Africa?  
What can I do with my Wallets account?  
How much does a Wallets subscription cost?  
How much do you charge for transfers?  
How do I create an account?  
Can I use Wallets on my laptop?  
What is my Wallets account number?  
Do I need to verify my account?  

Yes, you do, verification helps in building trust, protecting you from fraud and allowing you to enjoy higher transaction limits and benefits.

Our verification process makes sure that you have entered the correct details (phone number, email, personal information and/or BVN) before linking them to your account.

You may also be asked to verify your identity at some point to comply with financial regulations. If this applies to you, we will send you a notification.

What counts as a valid ID?  
I am not getting my OTP  
My card was debited but my account was not funded.  
Is my money safe with Wallets?  
Does Wallets have a minimum age requirement?  
How much does it cost to fund my Wallets account?  
How do I send funds to another Wallets user?  
What is my transaction PIN?  
How do I send funds to another Wallets user?  
How do I change my Wallets password?  
I forgot my password…help!  
How do I create a virtual dollar card?  
  • Log into your Wallet app
  • Fund your Wallet with a card, bank account or bank transfer.
  • Select ‘Dollar Card’ on your dashboard
  • Fund your dollar card with $10
  • Click on create a card

NB: Creating a Wallet dollar card attracts a one-time charge of $5. The minimum amount you can fund your dollar card with for $10

Can the dollar card be used for any kind of transaction?  
Is my dollar card a Visa or MasterCard?  
Is there a minimum balance on the dollar card?  
Is it free to create a dollar card?  
Does my card come with a billing address?  
What phone number should I use for my dollar card?  
Can the balance in my dollar card be withdrawn?  
Do my dollar card transactions attract any charge?  
Can I use my dollar card to shop locally?  
What happens to the unused funds in my card?  
What happens when I freeze my card?