Blurring borders in Africa.

We are working to build Africa’s foremost borderless digital financial platform for a new generation of Africans and visitors to the continent.

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Making financial access seamless.

Transacting in the digital age should be as seamless as booking a ride on Uber, sharing stories on Instagram or keeping in touch on WhatsApp.

This is our belief at Wallets Africa and that's what we are building - A service that doesn't just focus on huge profits off your money, but deeply cares about your personal financial experience.

We believe making it easier to spend across Africa is the first step. Over the coming months and years, Wallets will offer savings, lending and investment products that are deeply personal and solve people's financial problems across the continent.


We work with awesome companies across the continent to make sure our users get the best services.


Backed by really great people who
believe in us and our vision for the
future of transactions in Africa.

Experience true freedom

You won’t be joining bad company. Lots of people use Wallets everyday to get transactions done.